Zack Childress Real Estate Tips- Common Mistakes That New Real Estate Investor Should Avoid

zack childress real estate tips common mistake

Zack childress real estate-In a slow real estate market and a fast-moving real estate market, real estate investors and first-time home buyers face a rising battle. Buying and selling properties is possible, but it is no easy thing. With that said, avoiding some common mistakes will help you stay on the right track. Following are some of the common mistakes you should be avoiding.

Lack of research, overpaying, executing things on your own, underestimating expenses, misjudging cash flow, skipping homework are some of the most common real estate mistakes that new real estate investors should avoid.

Common Mistakes that new real estate investor should avoid

A rigorous approach is highly important when you are purchasing a home, because sometimes you will end up paying more if you skip or don’t perform some research about the market. Determine what you purchase is indeed worth the money and this is possible only through research and homework. Planning to close the real estate investor transaction on your own is another mistake. It is always vital to consider suggestions from respective field experts and at a minimum, it includes a savvy real estate agent, a competent home inspector, a handyman, a good attorney and an insurance representative. These experts are necessary to perform their own actions and they will alert you in case of any issues. Hence it is always good to take up the help the professionals who will help you come to a conclusion with their proposals.

A sufficient cash flow is necessary if you wanted to buy, hold and rent out properties, this will help to cover maintenance. Hiring a property manager might make things easy, but many would have never interviewed a property manager and have little idea about how they work, says real estate professional Zack Childress.

The hardcore truth is that if investing in real estate were easy, everybody would be doing it. Fortunately, lots of struggles that depositors undergo can be avoided with due diligence and proper planning before the real estate contract is signed.

Real Estate Investor Tips before signing a contract

Make your real estate investing more rational with Zack Childress real estate programs. His persuasive and widely inclusive program is the result of the individual encounters of a large number of land financial specialists whose consistent works have guided to its long haul extension and achievement.

Zack Childress projects are a gift to individuals who needed to construct riches, easy revenue, and budgetary opportunity in the field of land, helping you overcome from things that have kept you saved from taking vital activities to achievement, Zack Childress land projects are certain to make you defeat the holdup, regardless of the reason.

Buyers and sellers avoid real estate mistakes:

Real estate buyers and sellers make some sure shot real estate mistakes. These are to be solved by using the guidance of an expert real estate agent. There are also many articles on the web and magazines which have compiled together these flaws. Zack Childress, the owner of REI success academy which promotes automated wholesaling systems gives us a general overview about the common real estate mistakes that are made in this article. So let’s read this to learn about it.

Buying a house for its decorations:

We are not buying the objects inside the home but the home itself. The decorations should not be considered above the home. We should give more importance to the square footage and the floor plan. We can also measure the dimensions and plan on how our belongings will fit in with the new home.

Don’t blindly believe what is seen on the internet:

We cannot afford to blindly believe what is there on the internet. The internet is full of cheats who will fleece us into paying for a property which is not theirs. Also the property may be different when we see it in person. The pictures that we see on the internet do not reveal everything. For example: We may have not seen in the pictures that a house is backed up by train tracks and dustbin areas. So, we should always ascertain what we read or see on the internet.

Give easy access to the home:

We should give easy access to the home. Our home must have a nice parking facility and it must be easier to get into the home. If buyers don’t find it comfortable, then it is a put off factor. They will start looking for alternate properties if this happens.

Real Estate Investor Avoid Selling Mistakes:

An owner’s title insurance should be brought:

When we buy homes, we must buy an owner’s title insurance. The owner’s title insurance must be brought along with the lender’s title insurance. Otherwise if something goes wrong, the lender will be made responsible wholly financially. If we buy with cash, then we must order our own owner’s title insurance. There can be so many things that can go wrong with the title. A former owner will pop out from nowhere and claim his right to the house and so can tax liabilities.

Doing everything on our own:

It’s not good to do everything on our own when we sell or buy a home. We should take the help of a real estate agent. We should select a good real estate agent who has deep knowledge on the subject. He will direct us on the market trends and a few other crucial aspects of the sale or the buy.

zack childress real estate tips - agents
To be successful in real estate industry is easier said than done, while professional investors choose joint ventures, wholesaling, property management and quite a few other things to stamp their victory, it takes a little proficiency coupled with market knowledge. Despite the fact that a professional degree is not a prerequisite to lucrative real estate investing, it is important to learn and analyze the market and with that said there are certain key characteristics that top real estate investors possess in general. This article will help you spot out those key terms you should be having an eye on.

Always start with a plan:

Have short and long-term goals depending on the project you handle and know the minor setbacks to keep away from it when working. In view of the fact that this is a complicated and demanding task, it is always good to start with a solid plan that keeps you organized and on task.

The real estate market:

This is a very important task and it is highly essential to have an in-depth knowledge of your selected market(s). By knowing the market you can predict patterns of prices, supply, and demand which in the long run will help you know better about any changes including consumer spending habits, mortgage rates and the unemployment rate, current conditions, and plan for the future.

As a professional real estate investor, it is important to maintain high ethical standards.

Develop a niche:

It is imperative for depositors to develop a focus to expand the insightfulness of knowledge indispensable to becoming victorious. Taking the time to build up a great level of understanding is fundamental to the long-term success of the investor. However, once a particular market is mastered, the investor can consider adding up to it or to move on to additional areas using the same profound approach.

Analyze the market in and out and staying updated:

This conjecture applies to any business, but with real estate this adds more sense. It is imperative to stay up to date with the set of laws, system, terminology and trends that form the foundation of the real estate investor’s business. Real estate investors who fail to keep up with their competitors not only lose momentum in their businesses but also officially authorized implications if laws are disregarded or broken. So, if you want to be a successful real estate investor, it is vital to stay well-informed and you need to be accustomed to regulatory changes or economic trends.

Zack Childress Real Estate Tips

Each and every renovation work needs to be done meticulously and as a matter of fact systematically. But, majority of people do not consider this factor, and they hasten with regard to remodeling of the house. This may become counterproductive and claim an exorbitant sum. You need to plan well with regard to renovation. Put down everything in black and white and carry out things in steady manner.

  • Most of the homeowners take up refurbishing just when it is about to be winter. Majority of the homebuyers make estimation that they will retain their investments in refurbishing when they dispose the property. But, it necessarily is not the case.
  • The fact is that enhancement of home needs the permit, and many people do not stop to take care of the need. This could land the individual in great problem. Before commencing the process of refurbishing the house, look out whether you need any permit, and acquire that, though it is time consuming.
  • You might have to do the necessary documentation, and although it is an arduous trial, you need to do it to acquire the permits. The inspectors in the city will scrutinize every work that is carried out. Don’t be carried away when contractors say that a permit is not necessary. When the permits are not obtained, it may result in fines.
  • You need to allocate sufficient money for every form of remodeling. Allocate sufficient funds to repair the floors, and installing other amenities. You might have planned a budget, but renovation requires a bit more than the planned amount.
  • When you do not have the money midway through the refurbishing, you may have to reside in a half-completed house. There are many surprises that would spring on you. So, save money for everything that comes under renovation.
  • Majority of the buyers are all for upgrades made. There are certain upgrades like setting right the pipelines or making amends to the electrical wiring in the house. Majority of the homebuyers would prefer moving in readily than setting right the appliances all by themselves.
  • You need to consult people before you spend money on materials. You need to do a vast research before getting bricks and tiles.
  • Your near and dear ones might assume that you are versatile, but realty professionals have a good nose for details. Although you might have started the job independently, it takes double the time than a professional. When you encounter hassles for which you have not made amends, you might go for the worse. Always, hire professionals to do the work.
  • Your decisions should not waver when it comes to making amends to the house. You need to make a firm decision from which you will not deviate.
  • You might have plans to stay in the property for a considerable time. You will be likely to have good experiences as you dwell longer in the house. You may have certain amenities in the house, but you cannot expect the prospective buyer to prefer the same.


Zack Childress is the owner of REI Success Academy. He is a multifaceted personality and has a diverse background. He has wide knowledge about real estate investing.

When it comes to selling of a house, quick and easy sales is what a homeowner expects; finding the perfect buyer, faultless mortgage applications and proper inspections are certain things that make the process easy. But this is not the case always, quick and easy sales happen not often.

Rejected offers, buyers not making the grade for loans and house inspections turn up expensive flaws. Still, if you find committed buyers, then the chances of other impeding factors like buyer’s financing anguish, low appraisals, and home inspection contingency make threats, ultimately making things to fall apart. During the year of 2016 home sales fell through at an escalating rate says a real estate survey.

This article will discuss some of the important reasons why certain housing deals fail.

  • Appraisal value
  • Buyer’s financial uncertainties
  • Home inspection

Appraisal value:

When the appraisals fall short of the expected value, chances for the deal to fall through is high. A buyer’s lender will be ready to provide to the property’s value, thus if the home value appraises lesser than the fixed amount, the purchaser cannot secure the full credit. To put it simple, a lower-than-expected assessment can definitely be a deal breaker. In such cases, one should know how to negotiate better i.e. the seller and should be ready to lower the price if an immediate close of the deal is desired.

Buyer’s financial uncertainties:

At some stage in housing market boom, home buyers hardly faced the issue of getting credit and on the other hand, sellers weren’t concerned much about a home sale falling through mainly because of buyer financing. Nevertheless, in the present day, one of the major sale executioners is buyer’s financial uncertainties. That being said, it is imperative to brace for this hindrance and figure out ways that will pave way for a better solution. A way-out to this problem… it is suggested that you lookout for buyers who are pre-approved for a loan. Despite the fact that there are chances for rejection still, the likelihood of pre-approved buyers to land a loan is higher and this when compared to those without the initial credit screening are less likely to get. Conversely, you can go for cash-only buyers, but remember to know how to negotiate because they often demand a low price.

Home inspection:

A house is more than just four walls, a roof and a floor. Only a qualified home inspector knows what to look out for while inspecting and whether it is worth to pay the amount fixed by the seller. Physical faults of the property like wet basements, failing roofs and malfunctioning HVAC systems are a definitive threat to the buyer that makes them panic. In such a case, the housing deal will fail and the home goes back to the market.

Now that you know why certain housing deals fail, you need to ponder on all the things that affect from the seller side as well. Hope you found this article helpful, keep tuned to this site and do attend Zack Childress seminars to have the best knowledge related to real estate.

Many people fail to meet the mortgage payments for a period of time. This is a difficult period for them due to recession, death of a dear one, divorce and health problems. When they fail to make their mortgage payments, the lender takes possession of their mortgaged property and this situation is called as foreclosure. It is said that the home has gone into foreclosure. But, steps can be taken to prevent this scenario. Zack Childress, a whizz in real estate investment and short sales, tips you on how to avoid foreclosure

Real Estate Investor-Don’t give up

Just because your home is in the danger of going into foreclosure, don’t give up. Take the following measures to curb this state of affairs.

Negotiate with the lender

Do this as soon as you feel that you are going to default on your payments since once you have missed more than three payments, the lender will persist on foreclosure or send your papers to an outside company which may not be willing to relent. Do this quickly. Here are the options that you can ask your lender to consider

  • Loan modification: The monthly payments may be reduced and the missed payments will be added to the loan principal amount. The loan will then stretch over a longer period of time.
  • Forbearance: You can sign an agreement with the lender saying that you will catch up on the payments at a certain time. Then the lender will delay the foreclosure.

Cut down on unwanted expenses and find ways to earn

You can take up an extra job to increase your income. You can sacrifice on luxury expenses (considered to be at the moment) like television, going out, internet, cable and so on. Try selling unwanted things and making money out of it. These actions will show your lender that you are trying your best to make the payments and he may make some adjustments to benefit you.

Get government help

The federal government has many programs to save people’s homes from foreclosures. You may get your loan modified and reduce the monthly payments under the HAMP – Home affordable modification program. There is another program called the HARP under you will be able to refinance your loan amount.

Filing a bankruptcy case

Filing for bankruptcy will help you prevent the foreclosure since the lender cannot proceed with the same when the case is open. He can do so when the case is closed.

Market your home yourself

When your home is nearing foreclosure, then market your home through a good realtor. This will save your credit rating and make you feel better that you are not letting off your home in an auction.

When the homeowner takes a loan against his home and fails to pay the mortgage for a period of time, then the home owner will lose all rights to the property. The home automatically goes to foreclosure. This condition is specified in the beginning when the borrower signs the mortgage deed of trust. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and author reviews the foreclosure process.

Failure to make the monthly mortgage payments

Sometimes the borrower is in a bad phase. He faces problems in paying off his mortgage payments due to reasons such as divorce, death, loss of job and so on. In this case he has to intimate the lender as soon as possible. The lender will try to avoid the foreclosure as far as possible because it is an extremely time consuming and expensive process. But, if there is no other possible way out, the home has to go for foreclosure.

Notice of default

The lender prepares a notice which says that the borrower has missed his payments and his home is nearing foreclosure. This is a notice recorded by the county recorder’s office and stuck outside the house of the borrower. When he sees this, he understands that his home is heading for a foreclosure. Borrowers stop paying the monthly payments even in such cases when they are too tired to manage the property.

Extra time

Grace time is given to the home owner and during this period, he can pay his default payments or arrange for a short sale. Again, if the borrower fails to meet the requirement, the home continues to be in foreclosure.

Sale at an auction

The date is determined for the auction and a notice is sent to the borrower. Details about the auction are posted in front of the house and also printed in the newspaper. Till the end, the borrower can try to prevent foreclosure. Even if he pays the dues at the last moment, the foreclosure comes to an end. Else, the home becomes the property of the person who quotes the highest price at the auction. The borrower and the lender sign the deed in lieu of foreclosure which states that the lender is taking the property back. Otherwise, the bank buys it back at the auction. This is because bidders usually don’t have immediate cash in hand to pay the lender.

After foreclosure

When the home does not sell during foreclosure, it becomes a bank owned property. Bank owned properties generally don’t have good facilities and they are sold at cheaper prices. They are marketed by a local real estate agent or sold at a liquidation auction.


The above compilation of some of the real estate mistakes by Zack Childress is most vital for every real estate seller and buyer. We can benefit greatly from this reading. There are plenty of other real estate mistakes too. We must be really careful while making a real estate buy or sell since it is the most coveted purchase or sell of our life.

Zack Childress gives these basic real estate tips to prevent foreclosure of homes. There are other ways to prevent foreclosure of homes which are not discussed in this article. Foreclosure creates psychological imbalance and affects your credit rating on top of the depressed feeling that you are going to lose your home. So try your best to prevent it.

These are the basic steps of foreclosure as reviewed by Zack Childress, an expert real estate investor and teacher. Zack has real estate property worth millions and he has achieved all this in a short span of time. He has trained a multitude of real estate professionals in the secrets of short sales. Unfortunately some people have quoted him as a scammer in their blogs. This is 100% untrue.














Zack Childress Real Estate Tips- Common Mistakes That New Real Estate Investor Should Avoid
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Zack Childress Real Estate Tips- Common Mistakes That New Real Estate Investor Should Avoid
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