What is Wholesaling?

Great question! What is wholesaling? Well, wholesaling is a misconception. It is not an investing strategy. It is more of an investing exit strategy. It is very important that you understand that because strategies are really about how we are … Continue reading

Welcome to REI Quick Cash System – Reviews

  Wholesaling can be one of the greatest things to any real estate investor when they are just getting started or they need cash now. The problem that lies in this is that your traditional wholesaling educators or gurus tend … Continue reading

Zack Childress the New Market for Wholesaling

Zack Childress-Ok, so, let’s get real clear here. You know, wholesaling is not something that takes a rocket scientist to figure out. Anyone can buy a book from Barnes & Noble to learn about what wholesaling is all about. The … Continue reading

Why Start as a Wholesaling?

Everyone talks about wholesaling. We know that we want to go out and make money. We know that we want to go out and put deals together, but why start as a wholesaler, right? There are so many other ways … Continue reading