Zack Childress | Co Wholesaling | REI Quick Cash System Review – This is a controversial live google hangout on the subject of real estate investing. Zack childress is interviewing 2 of his real estate investing students who he taught his one of a kind no revenue down, no cash required technique called Co Wholesaling. Co-Wholesaling is the one of a kind technique taught within the REI Speedy Money System. On the list of attendees is Timi Abney. She sent Zack a video thanking him for teaching her how she collected the $40,942 check she collected from a 7 day closing.

These co wholesale bargains are performed inside 7 days with out any cash or credit. Cowholesaling is quite one of a kind since ulike any other no revenue down method, with cowholesaling you genuinely don’t have to have any cash to perform these bargains. NOT even any revenue for advertising and marketing. This one of a kind method is making cowholesaling propular among the masses and is making typical citizens financially no cost.

Kudos towards the Zack Childress, the creator of cowholesaling along with the REI Speedy Money System for making this out there to everybody at such a low entry investment. He has genuinely simplified the small business of flipping houses. In case you have just about every wanted to find out how you can flip houses, you might want to watch this hangout and go get the method they are talking about at

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